Howleen monster post

First the zombie doctor named caden was getting his tools ready for the night in the graveyard   to operate on a kid named wyatt and his wife and his assent named cameron.He was not that smart.He was not that smart.He asked his master if he could drive the car but he said he was not that smart so after they got in the car they were driving and they found a kid sitting on the side of the road.They picked him up and put him in the car.Later I’ll tell you what his name is and what we are going to do to him.They were heading to the graveyard and finally they got there and everything was ready.He told his wife Ava Watkins to get on the table and then he grabbed  wyatt and put him on the table.He told his assent ready yes.Half way into the surgery wyatts heart went out .The doctor  put his hands on his chest and made him come back alive so he finished the surgery and wyatt found out he could shoot out bubbles and he flew away smelling like bubble gum.

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